Alicia Kingsland

Name: Alicia Kingsland

Hometown: North Vancouver, BC

Sport: Powerlifting



  • 2013 BCPA Winter Open – 1st place women’s 72kg junior
  • 2013 BCPA Provincials – 1st place women’s 72kg junior
  • 2013 BCPA Fall Classic – 3rd place women’s 72kg junior
  • 2014 CPU Nationals – 3rd place women’s 63kg junior
  • 2015 BCPA Winter Open – 1st place women’s 72kg junior
  • 2015 BCPA Gord Pronick Memorial – 1st place women’s 72kg junior
  • BC Provincial Record for Deadlift in Women’s 72kg Junior – Held from February 2013 to January 2016


Favorite BioX Products:



Alicia Kingsland started going to the gym for the first time in the winter of 2010 after loosing 60lb that year. She kept mostly to the cardio section at first, but gradually she began to explore the other areas of the gym. In the winter of 2012 she began training for her very first powerlifting meet after successfully deadlifting 225lb in the gym.


Alicia’s best lift is the deadlift, and she held the BC provincial record for women’s 72kg junior deadlift from her first meet in February 2013 until it was broken in January 2016 at which point Alicia was no longer a junior lifter. In the time she held the record she broke her own record twice as her deadlift increased. Her best deadlift in a meet was 160kg (352lb) in March 2015. Her best deadlift in the gym was 405lb in February 2016.


Alicia loves BioX products and is especially in love with the newest product, nutri-nut. She mixes it with her BioX casein and has casein “pudding” before bed every night. She is very grateful to have the support of a company whose products she truly loves and believes in.