bryce scott smallName: Bryce Scott

Hometown: West Vancouver, BC

Sport: Nation Level Bodybuilder ~ Masters middle weight class


  1. 2012 - 1st place masters - bcabba Northern Classic bodybuilding fitness and figure show
  2. 2012 -5th place -BC Bodybuilding championship
  3. 2014 - 2nd place-BC bodybuilding championship
  4. 2015 July 11-5th place -cbbf
  5. 2016 July 23-4th place- cbbf national


Bryce Scott is a Canadian National level bodybuilder always striving for and achieving higher Placings at every contest he enters. Bryce focuses on nutrition and wields it as a tool for living a healthy and productive lifestyle

Bryce places high demands on his body, only intaking the absolute best in supplements and healthy food choices. He is confident in the quality of Bio-X's products to supply the body the options that it needs to stay healthy and strong year round.

"I love to combine Biox supplements with healthy foods to give me the flexibility to create superior meal choices and in greater variety." - Bryce Scott