carmen smallName: Carmen Tocheniuk

Hometown: Devon, Alberta

Sport: Women's Bodybuilder


  1. 2004 Provincial bodybuilding lightweight champion
  2. 2005 Canadian bodybuilding lightweight champion
  3. 2011 Canadian bodybuilding middleweight champion
  4. 2013 Canadian physique runner up
  5. 2014 IFBB Pro card Physique

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I am an IFBB professional athlete. I got into bodybuilding after devastating car crash as a teenager that left me with a broken back and in a body brace for over a year. I used bodybuilding to help me regain my health. I fell in love with training, so I decided to build a career out of my love for fitness. I became a successful gym owner, personal trainer, built a national healthy food and dna testing company. I now enjoy training others through their content preparation. I have been sponsored by BioX for over a decade now. I appreciate all of their support and love every single product they have.