BioX Protein Fusion

  • 34g Protein Matrix
  • 5g Glutamine plus 7g of BCAAs
  • Digestive Enzyme Complex
  • “Lean Zone” Lipid Blend

BioX unleashes PROTEIN FUSION™, a sophisticated, timed-release protein matrix, jam packed with 34 grams of a highly bioavailable protein matrix, over 5 grams of naturally occurring glutamine and more than 7 grams of BCAAs (Isoleucine, leucine and valine) per serving!

BioX Protein Fusion

At the core of Protein Fusion is the best protein source in existence: BioX’s special iso-chilled crossflow microfiltered, ultrafiltered and diafiltered whey protein isolate. In addition, several other protein sources in precise ratios have been added to create a protein formula that has no equals! Protein Fusion also incorporates Powerzyme, a potent digestive enzyme complex (including the patented ingredient Aminogen), a generous amount of fibre and a multifaceted “Lean Zone” lipid blend featuring CLA, MCT and Safflower oil.

Sizes and Flavors

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